Immersive Flight Training for the professional pilot or hobbyist

Feature-Rich Flight Simulator

FAA-Approved Configurations


  • FAA Approval based upon ELITE BATD-135 & XTS
  • Compatible with Foreflight
  • FAA-Approved Glass Cockpits include E500, GTN 750, EFS 40

Live Air Traffic Control


  • Talk to real controllers on airport-specific frequencies
  • Receive IFR/VFR clearances
  • Receive vectors from take-off to landing
  • See and Avoid other Pilots

Breath-Taking Scenery (Orbx)


  • High-End Commercial scenery
  • 200 Degree "wrap-around" Field-of-View
  • Wide enough to practice Eights On Pylons
  • 15,360 by 2,160 Resolution