Immersive Flight Simulation for the Certified Pilot or Hobbyist

Feature-Rich Flight Simulator


FAA-Approved Configurations

  • Based upon ELITE BATD-135 
  • Fly IFR holds, approaches, and DME arcs.  Fail nav components, practice compass-only approaches
  • FAA-Approved Glass Cockpits include: E-500, GNS 530 WAAS, and GTN 750
  • Compatibility  with Foreflight includes GPS mapping and geo-referenced approach plates


Virtual Cockpit

  • Cross reference ground horizon with intersection points within the cockpit (or wings) to associate "pitch pictures" for VFR maneuvers
  • Great for beginning student (Constant airspeed ascents/descents or attitudes for steep turns)
  • Not possible with most Red Bird simulators


Formation Flying

  • Fly wing-to-wing w/ other pilots on the network
  • A 2nd flight sim is set up physically adjacent to the primary sim utilizing a VR Headset
  • Pilots of both sims connect general aviation headsets to intercom for pilot-to-pilot comm


Live Air Traffic Control (PilotEdge)

  • Practice radio calls;  talk to real-world ATC controllers on airport-specific frequencies
  • Receive IFR clearances from take-off to landing
  • See and Avoid other Pilots on the network
  • PilotEdge includes network-wide ATIS information (unique to each airport) associated with real-world weather


Wide Field-of-View

  •  Practice maneuvers not possible with single (or three-screen) simulators (e.g. "Turns Around a Point" or "Eights on pylons")
  • Never lose sight of the runway from mid-downwind, through base, and landing
  • Utilize wingtip references for straight & level flight (as a beginning student) or for symmetry during aerobatics